Location, Location, Location

Out and Proud is set in the stunning scenery of Pennan, a small harbour village on the North East coast of Scotland. Well known for being the setting of the film Local Hero it sits nestled into the base of the cliff. Comprising of just a small row of white cottages and a local pub […]

Meet Boots

Meow, Oh, you want me to say more? If I must. Pretty human has moved into my domain and brought with her a cowering, yapping dog rat. Too dangerous for general population I am currently living in solitary confinement in my human’s utility room. However, it’s only a matter of time before I hatch an […]

Meet Odie

I am Odie, a vertically challenged miniature dachshund with an unhealthy interest in anything made of squeaky rubber. Fiercely loyal to my mistress, Alice, I have been unwillingly thrown into family life with a boy who dresses me in Build a Bear clothes and an evil feline called Boots who terrifies me to my tiny […]